Two Fires Set Along Fresno Freeways

The Fresno Fire Department is investigating two fires set Monday evening along freeways near Downtown Fresno, as well as a third fire that started in southeast Fresno around the same time.One of the fires was along Freeway 180, east of Freeway 99.{} Investigators say that one was started in 3 spots.{} The other fire wasn't too far away; it was{}along Freeway 99, just south of the 180.{} That one had 2 ignition points, according to the fire department.There was a third fire around the same time near California & Cedar in southeast Fresno.A battalion chief says no one was burned in these fires, but that one person was taken to a hospital after breathing too much smoke.{} He added that the timing and location of these fires fits a pattern they're investigating.

In the last month, firefighters have responded to numerous fires in downtown Fresno, south Fresno, and southeast Fresno.{} Several businesses and abandoned buildings have burned.{} In at least one building, a gas line had been severed from a water heater connector, and the gas knob was left in the "on" position.

The Fresno Fire Department hopes people will report suspicious activity.{} If you see someone setting a fire, you should call 911 immediately.