Two CHP Officers Killed In Crash On Highway 99 In Kingsburg

Update: 3:00 p.m.

The highway is now open.

Law enforcement throughout the state are mourning the loss of two California Highway Patrol officers.

Officers Juan Gonzalez and Brian Law were killed while heading to an accident on Highway 99 near Kingsburg.

Joe Farrow, Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol says, "It's a sad day, right now family members are being told that their love ones are not coming home."

Farrow says 33-year-old Gonzalez and 34-year- Law were more than classmates in the academy, they were best of friends.

The two, riding together, common during an overnight shift, were on their way to an accident around six Monday morning.

An accident they thought was in the northbound lanes of Highway 99.

However, it was in the southbound lanes.

Farrow says Gonzalez who was driving, swerved to prevent hitting anyone involved in the accident, lost control and hit the center divide. However, that sent the patrol car into a guardrail.

Officers escorted the bodies of their fallen brothers to the coroners' office.

Before the car could be put onto a tow truck, a giant piece of the guardrail had to be cut.

Capt. Dave Paris says, "They know that every day they get into a patrol, that they can become a sudden victim of an assault, a traffic collision. It is always in their mind. But when it happens it's like all of us, they never want to accept it."

Commissioner Farrow says it cold take several weeks, even months before officers wraps up the investigation.

Meanwhile, officers throughout the state continue to mourn the loss of two fallen brothers.



Two CHP officers were killed this morning following a crash on Highway 99 near Kingsburg.

The crash happened around 6:00 a.m. Monday morning on southbound 99 near Bethel Avenue.

Traffic had to be diverted for hours as the southbound lanes were closed.

The officers have been identified as 34-year-old Brian Law of Clovis and 33-year-old Juan Gonzalez of Fresno.

Witnesses say the officer swerved to miss a pedestrian in the roadway from an earlier accident.

A news conference was scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Monday afternoon and we will have full coverage on the KMPH Fox 26 10 O'Clock News.

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