Two-Alarm Fire Near Downtown Fresno: Three Families Homeless

A two-alarm fire near Downtown Fresno sent one person to the hospital and left three families homeless. The roaring fire also wiped out a two-story apartment complex built in the early 1900s.

At one o'clock Sunday afternoon firefighters had a big task to tackle, a two-alarm apartment complex fire at Van Ness and Voorman.

Tony Arona lives there and manages the complex. "I got out of the truck and my son was laying on the ground."

Firefighters say Arona's son was overcome by smoke after re-entering the burning building. He had to be rushed to the hospital.

In the beginning firefighters took on this burning building from the roof. What made it difficult for{}them said Deputy Fire Chief Tim Henry was the complex was built back in the early 1900s and it's been re-modeled several times. "It was not designed as a multi-family house so the add ons and the changes have made it difficult to get access to where the fire is at. As you can see we're chasing the fire in these little cubby holes and walls."

The fire became so dangerous that firefighters had to leave the roof and attack it with the tall ladder trucks. Tony Arona couldn't believe it could happen to his home. "I just lost everything{}I worked for for 55 years. Everything{}I have accomplished went down the drain. I'm just hurt right now. Even though they're material things but{}I just hurt."

Investigators know where the fire started, but they haven't determined the cause.{}{}