Twin Battling Cancer Graduates From High School

A set of identical twins will graduate from Duncan Poly Tech High School Wednesday evening.

However, these teens have already had to deal with grown up issues, like one of them battling cancer.

What began with a pain in 18-year-old Mark Guajardo's knee turned out to be Osteosarcoma, another words cancer.

Despite a past year of countless hospital visits, intense chemotherapy, and even a knee replacement Mark continued to remain focused on his studies and will graduate with his classmates.

Mark Guajardo says, "Keep going never give up and just believe in yourself."

Mark's brother Mathew says, "I'm proud that he is going to graduate with his class and all his friends."

Despite intense chemotherapy, a recent report shows small specks of cancer returned in Marks lungs.

Although the specks have not increased in size, Mark may need another surgery this coming summer.

However, Mark says he will beat it and he is already planning to attend Fresno State in the fall with his brother. They both want to be nurses because they help people