Tulare Restaurant Blames Road Work For Bad Business

A Tulare restaurant owner says major road work around his business is keeping customers away and it's hurting his bottom line.

When "Catfish Farms" opened in Tulare the restaurant's manager thought it was the catch of the day.

"It was awesome," says Manager Casandra Rodriguez, "This place was packed all the time and it was great."

With so much business a large staff of 17 was hired. However, the manager says the restaurant has now hit a major road block, leaving it empty, and most of staff laid off.

"I can't afford to have all these people here all the time and that's 15 people that are out of a job now, that have families to feed," adds Rodriguez, "I feel horrible, it keeps me up at night sometimes."

Rodriguez says road construction has cost the restaurant around 80% of its business. She says the first big project shut down a major street and then a few weeks later more road work started.

Tulare City Officials, the restaurant and other nearby businesses met to discuss the problem. The city is encouraging the business owners to file a claim for assistance from the city to help them stay afloat.

The Tulare City Engineer says the construction project is scheduled to end on November 15th. The City Engineer adds the projects are happening simultaneously, because Tulare wanted to take advantage of low construction prices and money to pay for the projects became available.