Tulare County Woman Has Been Trying For Months To Sign Up For Obamacare

The deadline to sign up for January 1st coverage under the Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare has been extended one day until Tuesday, December 24th. However, people in the Central Valley say the Covered California website is overwhelmed. {}

"I'm scared," says Joanne DeHerrera, "I'm absolutely frightened of the future."

Joanne DeHerrera has been clicking constantly on the computer trying to sign up for Obamacare.

"My husband and I have been going on the website every single day for months and months. I keep getting "This page cannot be displayed", adds DeHerrera, "Sometimes we can get in, but we can only get so far and it'll shut down."

DeHerrera and her husband work as caretakers on a farm. They don't have insurance and she says they desperately need the Covered California website to work.

"I have many absinthe teeth and I think there's a total of 14 now.{} I'm in pain constantly," says the Tulare County woman, "I can't sleep at night I'm in so much pain."

DeHerrera says this is latest blow to her family. They owned an architecture business in Port Charlotte, Florida, but it was destroyed in 2004 and 2005 by hurricanes. So, the DeHerrera's moved to Visalia to find work, but were laid off during the recession.

"Since 2004 we've had nothing. No dental, hospitalization, nothing. So, it's very important for my husband and me, especially for our age group," says DeHerrera.

She says if the website doesn't start working soon she's worried she may never get insurance.

"If I can't get on it what am I supposed to do? There's nothing I can do, there's nothing anybody can do," she says.

DeHerrera is also worried that if she can't get the website to work she'll be fined for not having insurance. She tried to Facebook the White House to get more information about that, but the only response she received was about the deadline being extended.