Tree Falls On Home, Is City Of Fresno Liable?

The recent storm gave a{}Fresno homeowner{}an unwelcome guest. A massive tree limb fell on her home.

Property owner Shelly Musgrave says, "It was a big bang, first I thought a car went through the house."

It was not a car but a giant tree.

Musgrave's says, "I went out the front door to look around and I saw the bushes and branches hanging over the front and I knew it was the tree. Then I came around and was like oh no!"

Oh no, because she says she had warned city of Fresno crews to cut the tree down.

The massive tree is located on city property, the{}piece of land between the sidewalk and the street.

Musgrave says all this{}could have been prevented because she called the city of Fresno to come and trim the trees about a year ago.

Musgrave's says, "The tree trimmings guys came out and I asked them if they could please trim more of the tree. The branches had been falling for years. They said they didn't have the authorization to do that and they would call their supervisor."

Musgrave's says a city of Fresno supervisor came out and told her he was a professional arborist, and that he was not going to give his crew permission to cut any limbs.

Musgrave's says, "I said please just cut the tree over my driveway because my cars are under there. He said well if you park your cars in your driveway, it will be 50 percent your fault when they fall down, because you know the tree is no good."

KMPH News Reporter, Erik Rosales contacted the City of the Fresno Public Works Director Patrick Wiemiller.

Wiemiller told Rosales he would look into it and get back with information.

Meanwhile, the Musgrave's have filed a claim with their insurance company.

This is a story KMPH News will continue to follow.