Tree Climber Arrested At Fresno State

Courtesy: Ryan H.

The University Police Department at Fresno State arrested a man on Monday after he perched in a tree in the Free Speech Area of campus and refused to climb down despite repeated orders from police and firefighters, the university said in a news release.

The man -- wearing only underwear -- was first reported acting erratically inside the Henry Madden Library before he went outside and climbed the tree across from the Free Speech Area stage near some student organizations' booths, university spokesman Tom Uribes said.

As a crowd gathered, University Police sealed off a portion of the area and spent more than an hour trying to coax the man to come down a ladder raised near the tree trunk.

The confrontation ended when the man stepped toward a ladder, which, after he balked, was knocked aside by officers. They grasped the man and brought him to the ground, Uribes said.

University Police took the man to a hospital after he complained of pain. He was then taken to the Fresno County Jail, Uribes said.

The man's name has not been released. It's not known if he's a student at Fresno State.

Details on what charges might be filed were not immediately available.

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