Tranquility Woman Rescued From Burning Home

A sound sleeper in Tranquility owes her life to a neighbor and a firefighter.{}{}Velia Clifton's home in the western Fresno County{}community of Tranquility burst into flames in the middle of the night.

Sandra Littlefield was awake and called 911. {} Then she rushed a few blocks to the burning house.{} "I said she's in there cause her car's here. {} And they broke the door down and brought her out."

Velia Clifton called it a rude awakening.{}{}"It was a fireman yelling get out there's a fire. {} Can't you smell anything?{}{}I didn't smell anything but my whole house was in flames."

Minutes after Fresno County Firefighter Trent Vogus led Clifton to safety the entire roof caved in.{}{}Clifton made it out of her burning home with just the clothes on her back. {} Also making it to safety 4 of 5 of her precious pets, cockatiels. "The Lord had his hand on me and{}I had five birds and{}I only lost one so the Lord had a hand on them also."

Thursday afternoon the Pastor and members of the First Baptist Church of Tranquility were boarding up the home.{} Velia Clifton decided this was not the day to search for keepsakes inside.{} She was just thankful to be alive.{}{}"I'm sure that the Lord has something for me. {} I don't know what he's got planned for me but I'm sure it's something because he let me survive this."

It will be an uphill battle because Velia Clifton's home was not insured.{}{}Fresno County fire says the cause of the fire was faulty wiring.{} Firefighters also say the home had no working smoke detectors.