Train Ride To Remember: BNSF Rolls In Railway Special

It was a train ride to remember for 350 kids from Fresno County.{}

Burlington Northern Santa Fe rolled in the railway special Wednesday about noon.{} Every few years{}BNSF returns to the Valley to treat kids to a train ride along with treats and a few keepsakes.

Kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fresno County got the red carpet treatment.{}

Aileen Salazar from Selma{}had been on a{}train before.{}{}

"It was really fun, exciting and there were a lot of new adventures," Salazar said.

BNSF operates in 28 states.{} Its mission is to give back to communities where its 'employees work and live.{} The company also presented Boys and Girls Clubs of Fresno County with a check for $10,000.{} {}{}