Tracking System Leads To Arrest Of Vehicle Theft Suspect

California Highway Patrol investigators say they were able to find the truck and arrest the suspect west of Fresno about fifteen minutes after it was stolen.They say they couldn't have done it without the aid of the tracking system. ""As much as we'd like to take credit for that, we'd like to thank that owner of that company for having an anti-theft device in the vehicle that made our jobs very easy and very safe. As soon as that vehicle was stolen, before it was even in our system, he was on the phone with one of our dispatchers alerting us to the vehicle's location and the fact that it had been stolen," said Sgt. Leonard Sherman with the California Highway Patrol. Investigators say the man was driving by in his mother's car when, for some reason he saw the truck being washed and decided to steal it.Investigators say they are now looking into whether drugs or a mental condition may have been involved in the theft.