Tour Bus Driver Accused Of Dumping Raw Sewage In Oakhurst Parking Lot

The Madera County Sheriff's Department says the driver of a charter bus dumped raw sewage into a storm drain at an Oakhurst parking lot.

According to Sheriff's deputies the driver dropped off the buses 22 passengers at the Raley's Shopping Center. Witnesses say the driver then drove across the street to the Post Office parking lot and emptied the buses waste tank in a storm drain.

Witnesses told the Sheriff's Department that the bus driver took off leaving behind a murky white mess in the parking lot and around the storm drain. Hazmat officials say none of the sewage dumped made its way to the Fresno River. However, they did have to clean-up the parking lot.

Deputies traced the buses license plate to Los Angeles based "Screamline Investment Corporation." The driver and the bus were found Monday evening at Yosemite National Park.

KMPH called "Screamline Investment Corporation" at their Los Angeles office. We were told that the bus driver is only accused of dumping sewage in this parking lot and when asked for an explanation, the owners declined to comment.

The Madera County Sheriff's Department is questioning the driver. He faces three years in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine.