Tornadoes Rip Through The South, Local Woman Worries Over Loved Ones

Alice Dedmon of Sanger is breathing a sigh of relief these days. Her cousin, Jane Black, lost her home in Mississippi Monday. It was ripped apart by a tornado.{}Dedmon has been keeping up with Facebook."She was in her mobile home with two of her grandbabies. She was able to get out 20 minutes before the tornado came and blew everything away," says Dedmon. "It's scary to know that mother nature can come in and take everything away that you worked so hard for."It's bad enough to lose your belongings. But in the chaos, Black lost her dog and cat, too. Dedmon says her cousin was not allowed to go through remains of her home, but she held out hope her buddies return up an animal shelters.That's where she hit pay dirt Tuesday morning. Her dog was found at the shelter.Her cat was found by rescuers. "Little miracles in all the devastation," Dedmon says. "That's the important thing, your family is safe."