19 People Killed During Tornado Outbreak

{}At least 19 people have been killed and hundreds of homes destroyed after tornadoes touched down in the South and Midwest. The worst damage is in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama. However, severe storms also hit Tennessee, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas. "The minute it dropped and the array of debris that was in the air, you know I knew it was going to be really bad," says an eyewitness. The tornado that tore through several towns in Arkansas left an 80-mile path of destruction. Meteorologists say the tornado was about a half mile wide. "There were kids crying and we heard someone get out of the car saying my kids hurt," says a storm chaser. The tornado ripped apart a brand new school and flattened homes, hotels and businesses. "Nothing can really prepare you for what we saw last night," adds the storm chaser. In Mississippi the damage is also devastating. Dozens of people were injured and several killed when tornadoes hit the southern state. "It was by far the biggest one I've ever seen," adds another eyewitness. The damage is so bad in Mississippi, police, fire fighters and every available city department are going door to door searching for survivors. A Mississippi hospital was also damaged when a tornado knocked down walls and patients has to be evacuated. Storms in Alabama are so bad rescuers can't reach people that are trapped because of downed power lines. Tornadoes are hit Iowa, Oklahoma and Kansas. People say that the storms blew through so fast they didn't have anywhere to go. Some people jumped in their bathtubs and others had to find shelter fast. {}"The next thing I know my little brother is pushing everybody on the bed and getting on top of the mattress," says Anthony Cobb whose home was destroyed, "Then we heard nothing but windows breaking and wood going through the walls."