Top Ten Most Wanted: Man Accused Of Armed Home Invasion Arrested

One of Fresno's top ten most wanted criminals is behind bars. Police say Brain McCoy was part of a home invasion where a woman was held at gunpoint.

Officers had their guns drawn while they surrounded the Clovis home where they say McCoy was hiding. Police say McCoy tried to run away but ended up surrendering peacefully.

Fresno Police say McCoy and two other men are wanted for an armed home invasion that happened on March 19th. Investigators say a woman let the guys into her home because she recognized them. Officers say once inside the house the three pulled out guns, told everyone to get down, and stole thousands of dollars. The woman says the money was for her son's funeral.

While searching for the men officers say they tracked down McCoy in Clovis. Police searched the home and they aren't sure why McCoy was there. There were several people, including kids inside with him.

The two other men accused of being involved in the home invasion were arrested a few weeks ago in West Fresno. Investigators say when they were taken into custody officers found seven guns.

All three men are in Fresno County Jail.