Top 5 Auto Thief Arrested By Fresno Police

One of Fresno's most prolific auto thieves is behind bars thanks to a tip to Crime Stoppers.

Tuesday afternoon, undercover officers arrested 33-year-old Erik Macias, who is number three on Fresno's list of, "The Top 5 Most Wanted Auto Thieves".

Police say he was found with shaved keys and other items.

Police say they watched as Macias drove into a northwest Fresno apartment complex, even checking a few cars, possibly to steal.

Sgt. Tim Tietjen says, "We believe he is committing numerous burglaries on a daily basis as well, he's addicted to meth and he does this to feed that habit."

In 2011, Fresno police used video of him selling guns and a stolen car to convict him.

Macias was convicted and sentenced but only served part of that sentence after being released early under the AB 109 rule.

In addition, police say when he came out he picked up right where he left off.

A woman who police say was a victim of Macias said, "Maybe he didn't serve enough time if he got out, without even a third of the time served. Instead of bettering his life and moving on, he's back out doing this and this can happen to anyone."

Marisol ended up selling her car as soon as she got it back from police.

She hopes this time the prolific auto thief stays behind bars for a long time.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the other four who made the list.

Number one on the list is 26-year-old Jose Garcia. He has 7 warrants for his arrest.

Number two is 38-year-old David Hernandez. Police say the 6' 1", 320 pound man has a violent criminal history, he is wanted for 6 warrants.

Number four is 29-year-old Stacey Rector. She stands 4' 11", 110 pound woman has 4 no bail warrants for auto theft and drugs.

Number five is 22-year-old Kassandra Potts. She stands 5' 6", 150 pound woman has been arrested for identity theft.

Police say Potts has 4 warrants, 2 for auto theft, 2 for guns and drugs.