Too Many Dogs At Fresno County Animal Shelter

Fresno County's new animal shelter is already experiencing growing pains. Liberty Animal Control is at capacity and it needs help from dog rescues and the public.

There are plenty of barking dogs at Liberty Animal{}Control in southwest Fresno. Liberty took over when the Fresno{}SPCA cut ties with Fresno County in October.{}

Daniel Bailey says Liberty{}has room for about 90 dogs and it has been at capacity in recent days. "We have been working closely with rescues and doing adoption programs. We have been finding homes for animals. We have to euthanize sick, injured or aggressive animals for now."

Liberty is working with a number of animal rescue groups including ACT, Animal Compassion Team. Brenda Mitchell is with ACT. "It's huge. We were founded on saving shelter dogs' lives. It's kind of where our roots are. So it was heartbreaking not to be able to help the dogs."

But{}ACT has been helping. It took four dogs on Friday and two more Saturday. Liberty is also hoping dog lovers will take advantage of this week's special to make more room in the kennels. You can take home a Chihuahua for twenty bucks. The dog has either been spayed or neutered and has all of its shots.

Daniel Bailey is confident if Liberty can boost adoptions and work with local animal rescues it can lower its numbers at the shelter.{}"We're both trying to do the same thing to find homes for the animals and place the adoptable animals. See if we can get them in homes where the animal will be comfortable for the rest of its life."

Liberty Animal Control is located at 760 West Nielsen Avenue in Fresno. It's closed on Sunday. Monday through Friday it's open from 11:00 a.m.{}to 4:00 p.m.{}and Saturday from{}9:00 a.m.{}until 1:00 p.m.