To Catch A Crook: iPad Owner Posts Selfies Of Thief

A girl who is suspected of stealing Evan Whitaker's iPad poses in the mirror.

The owner of a missing iPad thief has been posting self-portraits taken by the tablet's thieves to the Internet in an attempt to get it back.

Evan Whitaker was surprised to see a series of "selfies" posted to his Facebook page.

"At first it was really surreal because all of the sudden it was like, 'oh my goodness here is the person who stole my iPad," Whitaker said.

The thieves posed nearly 30 times with Whitaker's stolen iPad, and even surrounded by some his property that was also stolen from him last Friday from a Fresno church.{}{}

Since Whitaker's iPad is synced up with all his other Apple Inc. devices, the selfies the thieves took{} showed up on Whitakers phone and computer. From there, the pictures went straight to police

"Welcome to the world were everything is connected," Whitaker said.

So far, more than 230 people have shared Whitaker's status.