Tips To Clean Up Your Credit

If you're in the mindset of spring cleaning, you may want to include your credit.

A new survey out by Capital One shows 41% of Americans don't know what their credit score is right now.

Another 55% haven't checked it in a year, and 63% of young adults don't know what their credit score is.

One personal finance expert says keeping track of your credit score is key to financial health and offers advice on how to boost your credit. {}Farnoosh Torabi says, "Start with paying your bills on time. This is the most critical factor in getting a healthy score. Your credit history, your billing history is about 35% of your score. So it's really important to automate your payments so you'll never miss a payment and you can always be sure that your billing history is polished."

In addition to paying your bills on time, experts say it's also important that you're not just paying the monthly minimum because that will likely keep your balance high and over the long run you'll pay a lot in interest.

And, if you're in the market for a new credit card do your homework. Financial experts say opening up three or four cards at a time may be too much. Every time you apply for credit there will be a hard inquiry placed on your credit profile. And, when you add those inquiries up, they can lower your credit score.