Timeline of Events In Ukraine Demonstrations

The ongoing violence in Ukraine has led to the deaths of at least 25 people.

Vice President Joe Biden has urged the Ukrainian government to show restraint during the protests.

Here's a timeline of the events that led to what we're seeing now.

November 21, 2012: Ukraine's president and cabinet abandon efforts to strengthen ties with the European Union.

Instead, they wanted closer ties with Moscow.

November 30: Police launch a brutal crackdown on protestors.

December 1: A demonstration of 300,000 people follows.

December 17: Russian president Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow would buy $15 billion of Ukrainian government bonds.

Russia then dramatically cut the cost of natural gas for Ukrainians as well.

January 22nd: 3 protesters died after a clash with police. That marked the first deaths in this latest round of protests.

25 people have died in recent demonstrations so far.