Three Rivers Survivalist Store: One Of A Kind In Central California

Three Rivers is known for its majestic beauty in the foothills and also being the gateway to Sequoia National Park. But it's also home to a one-of-a-kind store in Central California popular with preppers.

Warren Campbell and his wife Jill run Sierra Surplus and Survival. "We have a clientele that comes from Hanford, Visalia and from Exeter and Woodlake regularly. They come up to Three Rivers to buy supplies that we have that you just can't get around this area.

The surgical instrument kit and tactical trauma kit are two of the most popular items in the store. Meals ready to eat are also in high demand. "This is creamy Tuscan pasta. One of the interesting thing preppers are looking for is how long will it last on my shelf. Here it says best if used by March 26, 2027."

David Johnson is a foothill resident and a regular customer. "I'm a life-long prepper if you want to use that word. I prefer the word survivalist, but{}I like to make sure whatever happens{}I prepare for a little bit of everything whether it's a natural disaster or economic collapse." Johnson says his goal is to have enough supplies for his family to last a year.

At Sierra Surplus and Survival you can buy a year's worth of food for one for slightly more than 15-hundred dollars. There are helmets from wars past, high-tech water filters and even fire color camo face paint.

Warren Campbell says his dad was a prepper in the 1970s and he followed his path.{}"For a Christian it's a biblical admonition to be ready to be prepared for difficult times. That's part of a Christian admonition to be prepared."

Campbell doesn't believe in any doomsday theory. He opened his store in a community of 2,600 to cater to{}survivalists{}and preppers... people concerned about providing and protecting themselves due to a natural disaster or government collapse.