Three Rivers Business Owners Suffering From Government Shutdown


Layoffs, cut backs and revenue loss; those are just a few of the impacts business owners of neighboring Sequoia National Park say they are facing from the government shutdown.

"What am I supposed to say to my employees? What am I supposed to tell their families? This is an economic disaster caused by Congress and the President of the United States" said Glenn McIntyre, owner of "Gateway restaurant and lodge".

McIntyre admits to laying off nearly one third of his staff.

After nearly two weeks of no tourists and crummy sales, McIntyre isn't the only one who is bleeding.

Dennis Villavicencio who owns the "Buckeye Tree lodge," up the street says he is also at risk of losing his family business.

"We have lost all of the Europeans that are coming to visit; we have lost Americans who are coming to visit. They can't come; they can't get into the park. They drive up, turn around and go home" said Villavicencio.

As a result, many local business owners have come together to fight back against the government.

As part of the Sequoia Foothills Chamber of Commerce, they have composed a 25-page letter to President Obama himself.

"They need to know how badly they are hurting us" added Villavicencio.

And with no guests checking-in and the government still checked-out McIntyre worries if the local tourism will ever recover.

"We have had cancellations for the next month taken off our books ... it is going to be extremely difficult" added McIntyre.