Three Alarm Fire: Cal Fire Crews Save Homes

A three alarm fire and near triple-digit temperatures, kept emergency crews busy trying to save several homes. The massive mobile home fire broke out Tuesday afternoon, on South Cherry near Central in Fresno County. Alvaro Escanuela barely had enough time to get his dogs out, before the flames from a mobile home fire next door started threatening his home. Escanuela says, "Man it was quick a matter of seconds and flames were over to my house. It was too late to try and do anything." The uninsured home suffered some damage, but was not a total loss. However the mobile home and nearby storage buildings were destroyed. Witnesses and fire investigators believe it may have been started from squatters who recently moved in. Cal Fire Captain Ryan Michaels says, "That is something we are facing right now. I'm not sure of the extent of the people or who was in this one. But it has been an issue in the past." Neighbor Lionel Olvera says he saw people inside and then minutes later he started smelling smoke. His garage which he turned into an extra bedroom was destroyed. But he says thanks to firefighters' hard work his home was spared. Firefighters want to remind everyone when you see an emergency as much as you want to find out what's happening, but get out of the way for emergency crews.