Thirsty Thief Gets Greedy; Nabbed Minutes After Holdup

A fruit drink turns out to be the undoing for an accused serial armed robber.{}{}The thief tried to walk out of a Fresno liquor store without paying and then he got greedy.

Just after ten Wednesday morning a thirsty thief walked into{}MGA Liquor store in northeast Fresno.{}{}The clerk at the counter said the robber grabbed a fruit drink and started to walk out. {} The clerk said, "Hey you have to pay." {} The robber replied, "Oh you want money?"{}{} He then pulled out a gun and said, "Give me yours!"

The clerk complied and the thief darted out the door with cash in hand.{} The clerk dialed 911 and gave the police dispatcher a good description.{} We were very fortunate today there were officers in the area.

The robber was spotted a couple of blocks away.{}Seconds later he was in custody.{} Fresno Police say he is responsible for more than three armed holdups the past week at liquor and convenience stores including a Valero station in Northeast Fresno. So is the case strong enough to keep him in jail?{} Fresno Police Sgt. Mike Palomino had this response. "We have a subject in custody, we have him identified in this case and we have a loaded handgun. {} With the enhancements now{}I won't see this guy the rest of my career."

Fresno Police aren't identifying or showing the man in custody until all crime victims get a first look at his mug shot.{}{}{}