Thieves Target Game Shops, Steal 'Magic' Cards

Some Valley game shop owners are on alert after a string of break-ins.

Surveillance video from Crazy Squirrel Game Store in Fresno shows a guy stealing cards for a game called "Magic: The Gathering."

At least seven shops have been hit, including ones in Fresno, Fowler and Chowchilla.

"It's a very popular game right now. It's easy to resell a card because it's popular. People do want them," said "Mike Pazin, owner of "The Bullpen."

"They stole maybe four or five inches of cards if you stack them all up, and the cost to me on those cards was close to $4,200 dollars," said Jennifer Ward, owner of Crazy Squirrel Game Store.

The game store owners say tips are coming in from their customers.

So far, no one has been arrested.