Thieves Strike Non-Profit That Helps Needy & Homeless

The non-profit organization Hope Sanger helps the poor and homeless get food and other necessities.

However, after thieves broke into the Hope Sanger office early Tuesday morning, the non-profit is now the one asking for help.

Board members say crooks ripped off food, clothing, and the entire computer system.

A system that contained their only records of the hundreds they serve.

Hope Sanger board member, Jamie Garza says, "The invasion of someone coming into a building that helps people, how does that happen?"

Hope Sanger board members believe the thieves made their way through a storage window. Once they were inside they took what they could putting the items into a trash can and then took it out through a door below me.

Since November of 2010, Hope Sanger has teamed up with several churches in the area to serve the homeless and the neediest.

They provide clothing, meals, household goods and even money to help pay bills.

Despite the break in, board members say with Gods' help its mission will continue.

Hope Sanger President, Julie Mendoza says, "We don't have the computers to do the inputting or keep track, but we have pencils and paper. We are going to keep feeding people, trying to be here for them."

Board member Sheryl Senn says, "Hope Sanger is all about forgiving and having a loving heart, even if they would return the data base part no questions would be asked of them."

Besides computers, Hope Sanger needs groceries, like cereal, peanut butter, and canned goods.

Its building is open any Monday, Thursday or Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

The building is located at 780 P Street, in Sanger, you can call the organization at 559-803-1782.