Thieves Steal Wedding Gifts From Front Doorstep

A Fresno homeowner is in shock after thieves walk right up to her doorstep, take her packages, and drive off.

"Porch pirating" is one of the dangers of having things delivered to your home.

In this case, the thieves took off with some expensive wedding gifts- $300 worth of fine china.

The homeowners have surveillance cameras and the theft was all caught on tape.

"Just unbelievable. These people, they don't care, they're willing to walk on to anyone's property and take what they want," said Kevin Kerkezian, the gifts were a wedding gift for his cousin.

In the surveillance video, you can see the light coming from a pickup and seconds later, you can see a man pick up and take off with the 6 boxes.

"They didn't even know what was inside. They don't care, it's something free for them," said Kerkezian.

What was inside?

"It was 12 settings of china for a wedding and shower.{} Now I am without gifts," said Sonia Kerkezian, who ordered the gifts.

The fine china was delivered to while the northwest Fresno house while the family was not home last Tuesday afternoon.

Sonia says when she and her husband returned home later that evening, she checked her front doorstep to see if the packages were delivered. Unfortunately the boxes were placed on the ground behind a post, and she didn't see them.

So the boxes sat overnight.

The surveillance video shows the pickup drive by around 3 o'clock in the morning.

Then it parks in front of the house and someone in the passenger seat goes straight for the boxes.

Around 8 in the morning Sonia went outside to get her newspaper.

"I saw the gate open.{} I said who left the gate open, maybe Fedex came. {}I came up here, I didn't see any boxes except fedex tag was right in front of my porch," said Sonia.

The Kerkezians called police to report the theft - they were told an officer would call back.

They also called Macy's, a rep said the store would ship another set of fine china, and a manager would call them back to let them know if they had to pay again or not.

So far, no calls, and no fine china.

"The saddest thing was this was a wedding gift for my cousin.{} It was $300 worth of china. We're going to have a heck of a story to tell when the shower and wedding comes around," said Kerkezian.

KMPH spoke with a Macy's representative about what happens in situations like this, and we were told the store deals with it on a case by case basis, that Macy's would do its own investigation.

If the customer was not at fault, then Macy's says, it will either re-ship the product or issue a credit.

The Kerkezians says, the lesson to be learned here is to call the delivery company to make sure the driver gets a signature confirmation upon delivery. Or have the package sent to a location, like a business, where someone will be around all day to take in the packages and secure them.