Thieves Steal Little League Groundskeeping Equipment

Selma Little Leaguers need your help!

Someone broke into the league's storage containerand stole most of the equipment used for groundskeeping.

"Little league means a lot to me, I want to play baseball as my career. It's huge," says Ethan Winter, a pitcher and first baseman.

"We took it personally because it belongs to the kids," says Tony Escobedo, who helps run the Little League organization. He says the break-in happened some time last week. "We noticed the locks had been tampered, the whole doors were bent. And some things were cut."

The thief, or thieves, made off with a lawn mower, trimmer, blower, edger and wheel barrows.

The equipment was purchased with players' fees and proceeds from the snack bar sales.

"We take care of it, because we know the value of taking care of our equipment, we can't afford to buy new equipment every year. It's impossible," says Escobedo.

Selma Police were able to recover the league's lawn mower. One man was arrested, but no charges were filed and the person was released from custody.

But the blower, edger and trimmer are still missing.

The season starts in March, and Escobedo is making this plea, "We know you may be going through struggles in your life, but find it in your heart to give back to the kids."

If you'd like to donate, you can reach Heather Escobedo at (559) 305-4017.