Thieves Steal KMPH FOX 26 Gas Card, Charge Up $1,400

The hunt is on for a thieves who stole a KMPH FOX 26 News credit card and used it to fill up a number of cars in Fresno.More than $1,400 in stolen gas was placed on the stolen credit card.The crooks even used the card at the same gas station several times in a day.Surveillance video from several gas stations show at the time the stolen credit card was used, a group of people were at the gas station filling up several cars.Jim Moore, KMPH Fox 26 Chief Engineer says, "$1,400 is a lot of money. When you look at what it takes to operate a vehicle for a year. It's money that could have gone into maintenance, camera repair, and other productive ways."KMPH Fox 26 did file a police report and plans to turn over the surveillance evidence, including the license plates of the cars in the video to financial crime detectives.

We will keep you updated.