Thieves Steal Expectant Fresno Mom's Baby Clothes

Callous thieves broke into an expectant mother's apartment on Wednesday and walked away with brand new baby clothes, television and a tablet.{} Marissa Padilla couldn't believe that they took everything.{} "I'm mad about the electronics but I was more hurt about my son's stuff.{} His baby stuff," said Padilla.

Marissa's Mother, Yvette Macias, holds out little hope it will be returned. "It hurt because we{}just had the baby shower and she got a lot of nice stuff.{} She had a good{}turnout so everything was still in its boxes and it was brand new," said Macias.

Marissa's due date is Friday, so for now, there will be some last minute shopping strictly for necessities.{} Both Marissa and Yvette admit that they cried their eyes out after seeing what was stolen.{} Yvette says crooks today are just cold hearted. "They don't care who they hurt, thing about somebody else of the fact that you see that there's brand new baby things there and you know what you're doing. You just don't care," said Macias.

Marissa realizes once her son is born it's time to start over on replacing his wardrobe.{} A friend of the family is seeking donations to replace the baby's stolen clothes.{} If you would like to help contact Frances at (559) 473-6011. {}