Thieves Steal Christmas From Homeless Kids

The Grinch steals presents meant to brighten Fresno homeless kids' spirits on Christmas. Now the VFW Post 5057 has only{}26 days to replace what was stolen.{}

The{}VFW in west central Fresno gives up part of its Christmas to make things merrier for homeless kids in the neighborhood. But{}Wednesday night crooks broke into a storage unit and left the Christmas cupboard bare.

Harry Schoener is mad and disappointed that someone would steal Christmas from homeless kids. In{}the cover of darkness thieves ripped open the back of{}a storage unit and helped themselves. "They broke in, took two brand new bicycles, they took the Santa Claus suit and lap robes for any of the veterans that might need them."

The storage unit bandits left behind aluminum pans and belts, but Schoener says they also took two big boxes of toys and bags of used clothing. "They ripped it all down to here so{}I got that fixed up here where they can't get out now."

Harry Schoener wears many hats for{}VFW Post 5057. He's Quartermaster, repairman and Christmas gift collector. After Wednesday night's break-in he's basically starting from scratch. "It's not for the grown ups, it's for the young kids living in the area that haven't got anything. That's what we get them for."

What's guaranteed is{}VFW Post 5057 will treat 150 homeless people to Christmas dinner. Right now it can't promise there will be Christmas presents to hand out after the meal.

If you would like to help, here are two numbers you can call to donate Christmas gifts: 559-227-1185 or 237-3256.

The countdown to Christmas is only 26 days away.