Thieves Steal Baseball Equipment From Special Needs Kids Team

A special-needs softball league in Fresno might not be able to play this season. It's because thieves stole all of its equipment from a shed at Al Radka Park in Southeast Fresno.

"Every single thing you think we would need for baseball is just gone," says Jana Keeley, mom of one of the special-needs softball league players.

Jana Keeley says she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the shed door was open and nothing was inside of it.

"It's disheartening," adds Keeley, "We have our special needs league coming up and we worked so hard obtaining everything that we needed."

Keeley's 11-year-old son plays in the "Way of Life Sports Foundation Special Needs Softball League."

"My son comes alive on the baseball field," says Keeley, "It's his first opportunity to be a part of our league and like I said, he's our inspiration for this."

Practice is supposed to start in less than two weeks. However, with all the equipment gone the season might have to be pushed back or canceled.

"For somebody to steal equipment from the kids is horrible. It's devastating, it's heartbreaking, and I'm speechless right now," says Darryl Nelum II, Commissioner of Special-Needs Softball League.

The league is hoping to replace everything that was stolen, so the kids, who are looking forward to playing ball, won't be disappointed.

"Whenever I pick him up he wants to go to the baseball field, he wants to go to the park, and I don't want to devastate him. It's something that's very near and dear to me," says Keeley.

The equipment kept in the shed is also used by other baseball teams who are a part of the league. One of those teams canceled practice on Tuesday because they don't have anything to use

If you would like to help the league replace its stolen equipment, go this website: