Thieves Empty Pantry At Fresno Charter School: McDonald's Donates Lunches

School was extra challenging Thursday for Valley Prep Academy in Fresno.{} School administrators discovered that thieves had broken into the cafeteria overnight then they realized that all of the lunches to be served Thursday were spoiled because the crooks left the refrigerators doors open.

The cafeteria director knew there was a problem when she walked in and saw the mess.{} She passed on the bad news to site director Corrie Sands. "The food she was preparing to serve was not the correct temperature so they took some reports.{} The police came and we realized we didn't have enough food for our students today."

The charter school's food vendor is from out of town and couldn't replace what was lost.{} The office manager decided to call the nearby McDonald's at West and Ashlan and asked if the golden arches would be willing to donate 250 hamburgers.{} The manager said yes!

They were hot and ready to serve to kindergartners just after eleven.{} "It's a treat for the kids and it's just a testament to how people in our community are willing to give when there's a need."

Corrie Sands says insurance will take care of the five computers and one projector stolen in the break-in.{} Meantime the kids won't forget that Thursday's lunch was different and delicious.{}