Thieves Break Into A Home While A Woman Was Sleeping Inside

A Kings County woman says she's terrified to be in her own home, after she says thieves broke in.

Patricia Ranstell says she was sleeping in her house when the burglary happened, but she couldn't hear the bad guys because she has a hard time hearing.

"It was half open and I went into the bedroom to start getting ready," says Patricia Ranstell, whose house was broken into.

Ranstell had no idea why the door was open. At first she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

"I was ready to go and I couldn't find my purse, my wallet, and my keys," adds Ranstell,"I went looking because I thought I left them in the car and the car was gone."

When Ranstell realized that her car was gone, she got scared because she says the thieves had to go inside her house to get her keys."

"I was screaming, I was crying and I called my friend," adds the Armona woman.

Ranstell says she's hard of hearing, so didn't hear the thieves from the living room where she was sleeping or when they took off in her car.

"When I realized it finally, I was scared and I said oh God," says Ranstell.

She hopes whoever took her SUV returns it.

"I'm just hoping they don't use it to be stupid," says Ranstell.

If you have any information about the break-in or stolen car, please call the Kings County Sheriff's Department at 559-584-1431. The SUV is champagne colored GMC Envoy with the California license plate number '5HHZ364.'