Thief Steals Mail From Twenty Two Mailboxes

People who live in a Parlier neighborhood say they're fed up someone breaking into their mailboxes. After the latest break-in this week, they're hoping the Fresno County Sheriff's Department and U.S. Postal Inspectors can figure out who the thieves are.

Ronald Lea likes living in the country, where he can garden and care for his animals.

"We love this area," says Ronald Lea, whose mailbox was broken into, "Things grow where water is and it's wonderful."

Lea says he has one problem with his neighborhood; someone keeps stealing from his and his neighbors mailboxes.

"It's annoying," adds Lea, "I cannot air my full feelings because it's too annoying."

The mailboxes are on a busy road in Parlier but they're far from the houses. Lea tells KMPH Fox 26 News that in the past few years someone has ran over the mailboxes, vandalized them and broken in twice.

"In earlier years it was extremely frustrating. Now I've grown accustomed to it and our mail goes to the postal box anyway," says Lea.

Postal Inspectors and the Fresno County Sheriff's Department are investigating. A U.S. Postal Service spokesperson says if the crook is caught and convicted that person will go to federal prison and pay a pretty hefty fine.

If you any information about who broke into the mailboxes, please call the 'Postal Inspection Service' at 877-876-2455. You can receive a reward of up to $10,000 for a tip leading to an arrest.