Thief Steals Clovis West Pop Warner Team Trailer

A thief makes opening day difficult for the{}Clovis West{}Pop Warner Football team. The bandit took the team's trailer loaded with equipment and extra uniforms.

The kids in pads were playing ball like nothing happened. But it was different for the people in charge. Julian Bailey is president of the youth football league. He was in shock Saturday morning when he discovered the 12-foot silver trailer had been stolen. "It was quite a surprise. It had all of these kids' equipment in it. Pads, a lot of extra helmets, a lot of things we use just to have these kids play football."

The loss is estimated to be between 12-to-15-thousand dollars. Tamera Sanders is a mother of three boys who play for the Eagles. "Why would someone do that? They're just taking stuff from these kids. It's all the equipment that they use at practice that they hit with. Extra uniforms are in there."

This is the second major setback for the team that just played its season opener Saturday. Team member Donovan Maldonado was killed by a suspected drunk driver just a few weeks ago.

Coaches like Marcel Sanders say the loss of the trailer doesn't compare to the loss of Donovan... but it just doesn't make any sense. "It breaks my heart. Getting kids out here in 106 degrees and trying to motivate them to come out here to play football and to find out on game day all of our equipment is gone. It's heartbreaking a little bit." {}

The league is offering a $500 reward for the recovery of the trailer.