Thief Snatches Blind Woman's Wedding Ring

Families are now keeping a closer eye out for one of their neighbors after it appears a thief has been targeting the same home.

Someone stole a tandem bike from Olivia Ostergaard's home last week.

The following day, a man came back for more.

" I was sitting in this chair and all of a sudden I heard a 'clunk, clunk' sound," she says. She went outside, and yelled, "'Okay!" Like I know you're out there, jerk!'"

That was when the man demanded she hand over her wedding ring.

"And I took it off and I gave it to him," she says.

Problem is, Ostergaard can't tell officers much about the man.

That's because, she's legally blind.

"I could still hear that voice. I know that voice," she says, tearing up.

She has been married for 25 years, and the ring means a lot.

"It's a symbol of stability, permanence, and commitment," she says.

While she spends her days at home while her husband works and her son attends school, she is never alone.

Her Labrador, Fenway, helps her out.

"But he's a guide dog, not a guard dog-- and that's a big difference," she says.

That's where neighbors, like Cynthia Orsaba come in.

She's now being more vigilant about whom she sees walking around.

"She's disabled, she can't see. It gets everyone angry.... Beyond angry!" she says.

Ostergaard and her neighbors say they are worried that criminals may be staking out their neighborhood through the alley behind their homes.

They have asked the city for help, but representatives say the city doesn't have money to shut it down.{}