Thieves Target Air Conditioning Units In North Fresno

Copper theft is nothing new here in the Valley, but the extremes that the thieves are going to get it is. Thieves are going right into the backyards and stealing the entire AC units.

"Now I know how somebody feels when they say they got robbed. It's the worst feeling.""This, this, this, this... they cut it so they can remove it," says Mona Ahmed.

Ahmed was a little more fortunate than her neighbors down the street in north Fresno.She actually walked in on the guy, while he was trying to steal her air conditioner, at eleven in the morning.

"See how they cut this whole thing, so they can remove it. And that's when I showed up."

And when she showed up, the thief wasn't even startled. In fact, he was the exact opposite: cool and calm, pretending he was sent there to fix the unit.

"The way he talked to me, it didn't even occur to me for a second that it could be a thief. He was confident and that just blew me away."

His confidence and made-up story was enough to distract Mona long enough for him to get away with much of the copper piping, leaving behind about $1,500 worth of damage.

"To rip people off... what goes around comes around, you know?"

Unfortunately, Mona and some of her neighbors learned the hard way when it comes to copper thieves and air conditioning units. But here's a couple things you can do to help prevent it from happening to you. First off, a simple thing, throw a lock on your gate. Second, keep your eyes open for anything suspicious for yourself and neighbors. And third, when in doubt, call police.