Girl Finds Her Stolen Bike Online, Steals It Back

A Vancouver girl's bike was stolen while she was visiting her friend. She reported the theft to the police but before they had time to investigate, a friend called to tell her it was on craigslist. She called the police and told them it was being sold online and just 2 blocks away. The police took her information and said somebody would get back to her, but didn't know when. Deciding not to wait for someone else to buy her bike, the girl took action. She contacted the seller and set a meeting a half hour later in a public place. When she got there, the suspect was waiting with the bike. She asked if she could take a test ride in the parking lot, which he agreed to. She got on, started riding... and just kept on going.The suspect never followed her and just ran away.The girl posted the picture on Facebook and the story went viral. Nice going Bike Girl!