The Rib Shack Gives Away Food On Thanksgiving

A small, locally-owned business in Central Fresno gives back all year long, and Thursday they focused on turkeys to do it.

The Rib Shack is off Clinton Avenue and Fresno Street, near the VA Hospital.

Since the Rib Shack opened in March, the owner makes sure hungry people get fed, whether they're paying customers or homeless.

On Thanksgiving Day, he deep fried and smoked more than a dozen turkeys, and gave it all away.

"Usually we do ribs and chicken. We do the whole chicken. We do tri-tip, pulled pork, all the other BBQ stuff. But for Thanksgiving, I really just wanted to do a Thanksgiving dinner so we're smoking some turkeys," said Jason Musgrove.

The Rib Shack hopes to become part of people's every day and holiday traditions.