"The Great Wall Of Coarsegold" Is Getting Torn Down

"The Great Wall of Coarsegold" is coming down after years of safety concerns that it would collapse onto Highway 41.

"It's obviously an eyesore," says Laura Young who works next to the wall, "It's been crumbling for quite awhile, it looks horrible and it looks unsafe."

Crews will start tearing down the wall on Monday. It was built back in 2004 as a retaining wall for the storage building that sits on top of the hill. However, problems with erosion started right away. Lawsuits followed, the owners declared bankruptcy and now the wall is finally going to be demolished.

"When people hear about downtown Coarsegold it's supposed to be this majestic little town you go through on your way to Yosemite," says Kolten Morrison who owns a business next to the wall, "I think it's tough for tourist to see this when you're picturing something much more beautiful."

The plan is to demolish the building first and then remove pieces of the wall starting from the top. The hill will return to what it originally looked like before the wall was built.

"It'll look nice, especially if they put some flowers," adds Young, "It'll look like the rest of the area."

Work will begin on Monday and it should take about 2 weeks to tear down the wall.