The Future Of Politics? A Democrat Meets With College Republicans

What does the future of politics look like? Some may say that it's scary, but students at UC Merced say the future is bright. Friday evening students got advice about how to be a politician from someone who's already in the national spotlight.

UC Merced sophomore Martin Chavez is already involved in politics. To get more insight into what it takes to become a politician, Chavez's group, "College Republicans" invited Democratic Mayor Julian Castro to speak.

"We often see in Washington DC and Sacramento that Republicans and Democrats don't get along. So we feel it is our job as the youth to start working together," says UC Merced student Martin Chavez, "If we don't start working together nobody is going to."

Castro, who is the Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, was the keynote speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. He says he has higher political aspirations but he also wants to teach students how to get involved in politics.

"We need folks with good energy and passion for serving people. What I see out there is a tremendous amount of cynicism about politics and there's nothing wrong with that, but one antidote to that is young people who are committed," says Mayor Julian Castor of San Antonio, TX.

Chavez says after speaking with Castro he hopes that one day he'll be a Congressman representing his hometown in Kings County.

"Opportunities are available to anyone it's just a matter of taking the initiative and pursuing those opportunities," says Chavez.