Thanksgiving Dinner For Under $40: Where To Shop To Save Money

Thanksgiving is just a little more than a week away.

That means Valley families are heading to the store to buy turkeys and all the trimmings.

So, where's the cheapest place to shop for those items?

KMPH went to four different stores and uncovered which one stretches your dollar the furthest.

We went to SaveMart, Vons, Walmart and WinCo with a list of 10 common Thanksgiving dinner items, and tallied up the costs for buying enough food for at least 10 people.

We found out, it pays to shop at the supermarket that calls itself the low price leader.

It turns out checking off your grocery list here at WinCo will save you the most money, if you're not too picky about what kind of turkey you want. If you're set on a 20-pound Butterball turkey, you can expect to spend about $57. But if you're okay with a Jennie-O turkey, which is WinCo's special right now, you'll spend a grand total of $36.58 - by far, that's the cheapest of the 4 grocery stores we've been to.

Von's was most expensive, tallying up to about $61. That's with picking the Butterball brand turkey over the store brand and assuming you have a club card.

Shopping at SaveMart? You'd spend about $54.

Buying dinner items at Walmart runs about $50, but their selection of food is very limited, and they only carry 13-pound frozen turkeys.