Thanksgiving Day Shoppers Line Up Outside Stores

The countdown is on to find the best deals in town and shoppers are willing to do anything to find them.

Some shoppers are even willing to sleep outside of stores.

That is what the Rosales' have been doing since 10:00 a.m. Tuesday.

The family is number one in line.

Shopper Channel Rosales says, "This is like our fifth year doing it. Last year, we were at sears and the year before that we were at Best Buy. So now we are back."

Shopper Dave Gilliland says, "Last year, we saved about $400.00 on a television that we wanted. So it was well worth it."

Meanwhile others are using the holiday shopping day to make money.

Some are holding places in line for up to $100.00 a day.

Paul Moreno says, "One of the people that I work with wants me to sit here and hold a place for him because he wants to buy a bunch of televisions. I'm getting paid a $100.00."