Testy Trash Talk Caught on Camera

After months of trash talk, the voters have spoken and they are nearly split down the middle on Measure G.

The campaign leading up to today's special election has been heated and at times, downright confrontational.

A city of Fresno trash truck driver decided to break out his camera, after he says, another driver got testy, capturing the hostile confrontation.

"He cut me off and I guess he decided to pick a fight with a garbage driver and I happened to be the first person he saw," said the driver who didn't want to identify himself for fear of retaliation.

{}In the video, the driver yells, "You get paid too much to sit around and play with cameras and (expletive)."

Other drivers say they've had similar experiences.

"The one fingered peace sign, just being rude, cutting you off on the's kind of hostile sometimes," said Tony Cruz, a truck driver.

Both sides claim volunteers encountered hostile opponents while out gathering signatures for support.

Another video shot by a signature gatherer, shows a confrontation between yes and no supporters in front of a Fresno store.

Both sides also complain about signs stolen from front lawns.

But on special election day - silence at the polls.

It seems the passionate rhetoric didn't reach the voting booth, where turnout was low.

"Sometimes folks get heated and things, but that's not what it's about," said Chris Collier, Yes on G campaign manager.