Temperatures Soar, So Do Air Condition Repairs

When temperatures rise, so do the calls for repairs for broken down air conditioning units.

Now, several valley companies are so busy they say they have a 3 to 4 day waiting list.

Technician Tazman Gray says, "It's 111 out here, not right now but the last few days and people's units are breaking down left and right."

Tazman Gray with 'Specialized Air Conditioning in Fresno is working 6 days a week just to keep up with calls.

He says one-thing homeowners can do to help their air conditioning units run more efficiently, is to wash off the dirt on the condenser coil, which carries the chemical coolant-"Freon".

He says getting you unit checked out at least once a year, will solve a lot of problems.

Tazman Gray says, "We check the Freon, we check the filter, all the electrical, make sure the units running properly, clean out the coils."

Tazman says it should cost anywhere from 80 to 100 dollars, but it's well worth the alternative.

Another thing you can do is change out your filter, a cheaper one must be changed at least every 30 days.

You can buy the more expensive kind but they could make your unit work harder.

Tazman says, "They are a lot thicker, they catch more dander and dust all that. They are good if you have allergies, they just make the unit work a lot hotter because they are thicker."

Tazman says because he does not suffer from any allergies, he uses the cheaper filter and just changes them out more often.