Merced Teens Influenced By Rap Lyrics Arrested For Home Invasion

Two Merced teens were arrested Monday for an early-morning burglary committed days earlier, authorities said.

Jason Ochoa, 19, and Alejandra Villanueva, 18, both of Merced, entered through the back window of a home in the 3500 block of Santa Maria Avenue in Merced on Feb. 22.

Police say once the two gained entrance into the home, they opened the garage door, parked their car inside and then began to load the car with the items from inside of the home.

Once inside the residence, the suspects opened the garage door, parked their vehicle in the garage and loaded the vehicle with the victim's property.

Computer equipment, musical equipment and a television set valued at $5,500, had been taken, police said. {}Merced detectives located both Villanueva and Ochoa who admitted to the burglary and assisted the detective in getting the property back, except for a cellular phone.

During questioning, police say Ochoa admitted he was influenced by a rap song.

This is the first time either of the suspects has been arrested.