Teen Sex Investigation; Visalia Teacher Arrested

Parents put their trust in a Visalia teacher.

Police say the teacher may have broken that trust by having sex with a student.

Visalia police arrested 49-year-old Eric ford, a teacher at Golden West High School.

Investigators believe he was carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old.

Visalia police say someone called them Saturday night, tipping them off about possible sexual activity between Ford and the student. Ford was taken into custody after police interviewed him and the student.

"It's sad that these things occur because a teacher is in a position of trust," said Sgt. Brent Abbott with the Visalia Police Department.

Police believe Ford may have had sex with the student on several occasions.

Ford taught business classes at Golden West High School.

He's been a teacher at this school for at least a decade.

The news has some parents on edge.

"Scared, fear. I have a 15-year-old daughter that goes to Golden West High School, and I'm scared these teachers are teaching our kids and seeing them in a way they shouldn't. They're teachers. They should have boundaries," said Betty Aboytes, who lives in Visalia.

Betty says she plans to talk to her daughter about the investigation.

"At the age they are right now, they're teenagers. They have enough stress in the have to worry about a teacher seducing them, that's not okay," said Aboytes.

Investigators have not said who called them about the relationship.

Ford is the second teacher from the Visalia Unified School District to be arrested on charges of having sex with a student, within a year.

Last December, Lianne Trout was accused of having{} sex with a sixteen-year-old boy.

Trout was listed as a special education teacher at Mt. Whitney High School.