Teen Dies Five Times and Lives To Tell His Story

A teenager from Madera Ranchos says he's lucky to be alive. Kenny Holland died when he went into cardiac arrest five times in fourteen minutes.

"I feel lucky and blessed," says Kenny Holland who went into cardiac arrest five times, "I have a really spiritual family, so I had a lot of people praying for me and I feel lucky that I got out so early."

Holland's survival story began when he had double pneumonia. The infection put so much stress on his heart it stopped beating five times.

"The doctor said at that time if you have a preacher or a priest you should call him because your son is not going to make it through the night," says Kenny's father, Ken Holland. "We were pretty much devastated. It was pretty scary walking into the room because he was on 100% life support; he had the tubes going in and out of his lungs."

Doctors decided to use hypothermic treatment to prevent damage to the 18 year-old's brain and organs. A day later he started to show signs of improvement and doctors discovered that Holland has a rare, genetic heart syndrome.

"At this point his body had basically healed itself, thank God," says Ken Holland, "I was pretty much thanking the Lord for giving us 18-years with our son. We were thinking the worst and you don't want to think that way but you think this is in the Lord's hands. We're just grateful that the Lord gave us more time with our son, so we could enjoy him a little bit longer."

Holland says he never showed signs of having a heart problem. He's played sports for years and always thought he was healthy. He has no memories from the day his heart stopped beating and what happened when died. The teen only remembers waking up in the hospital.

"It was kind of a shock because there was so many people that I haven't seen in a long, long time and they showed up," says Kenny Holland. "Don't take life for granted because there are some freaky things that can happen."

Holland says he is doing well and he's taking time off from work to recover. His heart condition was treated and his doctors say that he's going to be fine.