Tattered U.S. Flag Replaced at Fresno Post Office

It's considered a symbol of respect and sacrifice.

And now, a U.S. Flag is once again flying outside a U.S. Post Office in Southeast Fresno, after the remnants of a flag had been left on a flagpole for days.

In fact, just a few stripes could be seen on the flagpole atop the office at Barton and Tulare Avenue.

A viewer who emailed KMPH Fox 26 said it had been this way for weeks, and said, "It looks like it's been in a war zone."

Postal Customer and U.S. Army Veteran Tom Outland said Tuesday too many people have sacrificed their lives to see the disappointing display of a flag.

"It means everything," Outland says.

Crystal Drake is the area's Acting Postmaster.

She says the flag didn't slowly fall apart.

"It was being removed for replacement when the manager was taking it down. It actually ripped," Drake says.

Within hours of bringing the issue to her attention, the remnants of the flag were removed. A temporary flag was placed on the pole.

Drake says the issue was personal for her, too.

She has served 18 years in the Air Force, and is still in the Reserves.

"We do take it very seriously. When they start to get worn and tattered, we replace them," she says.